What Parents Are Saying: 

“The social interaction he receives is great, and we like that he is able to interact with children of different ages. The play-based curriculum is also very important, and I know he thrives in an environment where he can explore and interact as his own pace. We also love the healthy food you serve!

“I think that the daily outdoor freestyle play-learning has been the most beneficial in terms of physical and mental development. Our child is more confident with body mechanics (e.g., climbing, jumping, balancing) and less fearful of trying new things than other kids of the same age. I also feel that the social interaction, under the watchful but appropriately distanced supervision of the knowledgeable and loving caregiver, has really improved the way our child communicates with adults and other children.

“I feel connected to the school, and a kinship with the other families. It’s nice having an environment where he can interact with children from families who share many of our parenting ideals.”

“Frances is calm and has a great sense of humor–both great skills to have when caring for little children, and interacting with (sometimes stressed out) parents. I’ve noticed my child is initiating a lot more imaginative play since going to Redbud–caring for toys, mimicking real life situations. It’s beautiful to see! She has become much more proficient in every day self-care, from feeding to toileting, which makes life at home much easier.”