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Hello friends,

We are thrilled to tell you that we have made much progress towards licensing this summer, and our estimated open date is the end of August. If you’re interested in your child attending our inaugural class, we want to know you!Pplease send us a letter of interest here, including your preferences and needs for care, as well as a short description of your child.

Only a few more pieces of paper work need to go through the Department of Human serves, and we will be all set to operate. All of our toys are nearly out of the toy shop, and they can’t wait to be played with. We made a big set of blocks out of scraps from Mr. Jonathan’s wood shop, and he 10514476_659871590748578_8897182067943626250_nwas nice enough to make us a balance/rocker board for school! Mrs. Frances has been busy knitting all kinds of farm animals, and they all have personalities of their own.

Today, we potted two baby fig trees for the school garden, and we are already looking forward to their juicy fruits a few summers in the future. These trees belonged to a wonderful Grandpa in our family – Grandpa Logan Eddie of South Carolina, and we are happy that the kids will be able to watch them grow, and that we can tell them the story of their great journey to Oklahoma. They will join a fledgling pecan tree and hopefully one day they will grow into a “food forest.”

The work in the garden continues is never-ceasing, as always. We’d like to put out more tea herbs so the children can pick and hang dry great big bunches – mint, nettle, chamomile, lavender, etc. Of course the children will want to help with this, so we’re going to wait to plant until the children arrive! It will truly be a garden of their own. We’re also very much looking forward to welcoming some new laying hens into the family! It is a true joy to know a hand-raised chicken – they are the sweetest, gentlest creatures when raised in the close, gentle, presence of human beings, especially children. So, friends, do you have any stellar recommendations for child-friendly tea herbs and chicken breeds? Leave a comment below!

  1. Kelly

    Bantam Cochins. They are small and are known for their “mothering” instincts. The best chicken I ever had was a banty cochin. Also, silkies are popular with kids.

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