Chugging along!

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We have been working hard getting the house ready in time for a mid-fall school opening. So far, we’ve almost fully outfitted our playroom, made some necessary updates to the kitchen, and soon we will begin making our sandbox in the backyard play area. Out front we have bunches of sage – perennials that can withstand the curiosity of children’s’ hands as well as the dry conditions of Oklahoma. In addition, we have ample amounts of fuzzy lamb’s ear – a delight for the children to touch. We love these herbs and are already dreaming of stirring them into fall soup and making many warm pots of tea. Now all we need to do is water, water, water!


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  1. Cynthia

    Hi! How about waiting until the children arrive to make the sandbox! Can you imagine how much fun they would have seeing it come into being.

  2. Frances

    And here I am fretting about how everything “must be done!” before the children arrive. I remember from the Lifeways training a story you told about the children filling up their own sandbox…bucket by bucket! Good idea, Cynthia!

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