Flower & Leaf Crowns

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Welcome, Lady Spring! We made these beautiful crowns as part of our upcoming May Day celebration, using gatherings from our garden. The twisted yarn headband makes it easy to poke in the stems, and stretchy wool makes for a good fit.

To make the headband:

Cut two lengths of approximately 4 ft of wool yarn in alternating colors. Lay them side by side together, then fold the entire thing in half. One end should be four dangling yarn strands, and the other should be a loop. Give the looped end to your child, and have them stand far enough way so that the yarn is fairly taut between you. Begin to twist the yarn clockwise. If your child is older, he can twist the yarn in the opposite direction. Once you have twisted enough, the length of yarn will become tight and twisting will become difficult. At this point, have your child let go of his end. The tension in the yarn should make the entire thing double back on itself in a twist. Tie a knot in the loose end and secure onto your child’s head by tying a knot in the back.

Adorn the entire thing with flowers and leaves by weaving the stems through the twists in the headband. We like to use aromatic herbs like sage and lavender – the scent stays with the child as she wears the crown. We hope you’ll make these simple crowns all throughout springtime, while beautiful flowers are abundant. Happy May Day!