A Rainy Walk

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We greeted the quickly approaching fall weather with a nice long walk.

A nature walk is a superb way to end the week with young children, and there is always something new to discover even in an urban or suburban environment. After waving “hello” to every manner of backyard dog, and after our pockets were heavy with fall fruit, we made the journey back towards our warm cozy school (and lunch!) It was starting to rain, and we made it back just in the nick of time. Blessing!

As we walked, we sang this old Canadian folk tune. The strong, rhythmical feeling of the song was a good accompaniment to our steady footsteps pressing ever onward.

My paddle’s keen and bright
Flashing with silver
Follow the wild goose flight 
Dip, dip and swing
Dip, dip and swing her back
Flashing with silver
Swift as the wild goose flies
Dip, dip and swing


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Good Morning Mrs. Hen

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This is well known nursery rhyme that children just love to sing along with. Older children who are beginning to become interested in numbers will have fun changing up the numbers of hens to make ten. I sing it to the chickens as I sprinkle their scratch in their pen, and they seem to like it, too!

Chook, chook, chook, chook
Good morning Mrs. Hen
How many chickens have you got?
Madam, I’ve got ten

Four of them are yellow
Four of them are brown
Two of them are speckled red
The nicest in the town!