Tin Can Lanterns

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These tin can lanterns will light the way for our very first festival РMartinmas. This festival celebrates inner light, kindness, and doing what we know to be right. The best part of this craft is that each step is child-friendly! Though they will likely need your help starting the nail hole, most children aged 2 and older can hammer it the rest of the way. Check out the instructions below:

You will need:

Tin cans of various sizes
Nails of various sizes
Sand or bath towel to stabilize
Assorted beads
26 gauge beading wire
1. Gather your supplies. Most tin cans of various sizes will do just fine. Rinse the cans out, fill them nearly to the top with water, and place them in the freezer overnight.

2. When your cans are good and frozen, take them out of the freezer and begin punching holes with the nail and hammer. You can make the design as detailed or as simple as you like. If you would like to make a design, it is wise to make your dots with a Sharpie before you punch them. Don’t forget to punch two holes near the top of the can for the handle! You’ll need to stabilize your can while you hammer, otherwise it will want to roll away. The best method I have found is to nestle the cans down in the sandbox while I hammer them.

3. Once you are finished punching holes in the sides, turn your can upside down and hammer the bottom flat (it usually expands during freezing).

4. Attach 26 gauge stainless steel beading wire to one side of the lantern. This is your handle. String beads along the length of the handle, then attach the other side of the handle to the opposite hole.

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