Children are able to develop competence when the routines and rituals of every day life are consistent and intentional. Because we follow our daily rhythm closely each day, we find that the children develop comfort and security, and school becomes like a second home. Our rhythm is strongly influenced by the seasons and weather.


Typical Day:

8:00 – We start outdoors with free play. Often, the caregiver will have projects that the children can apprentice themselves to – gardening, woodworking, and chicken care.

9:00 – Circle-Time with movement and gesture. Today, we sing “If I Could Have a Windmill.”

9:15 – Morning snack inside. Soaked oatmeal with buttery stewed apples, all organic. If it is nice out, we will have snack outside.

9:45 – Indoor play. The caregiver tends to the life of the household while the children play nearby or help. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, and toy repair are all things we might do indoors. Occasionally we will color, paint, or do simple crafts.

11:00 – Puppet show at the table & lunch. Today we are having grass-fed beef and barley stew with carrots and peas. The children have made rolls to go with the soup. We only serve whole, organic milk. If it is nice out, we will eat outside.

11:30 – Children bus their own dishes, wipe their place at the table, and wash their face with a lavender cloth. Children are able to look at books quietly, or help clean up.

12:00 – Outdoor play.

12:30 – Morning Program Pickup

12:45 – Afternoon children lay down. Verbal story is told. Kinderharp or calm singing.

1:00 – Children rest.

3:00 – Wake up time. Children are gently awoken and greeted with hair brushing and face washing/oiling. Potty and diaper changing, then light snack at the table. More outside play follows, weather and time permitting.

3:30 – Full Day Pickup